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James Edward Elmer

Sedona, Arizona

June 27, 2006

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
  Marine Pfc





"The following narration was done between James Elmer Sr. and James Elmer Jr. before he passed away--it describes perfectly his history in Sedona, his military service and more. Even if you don't know the places in and around Sedona, Az, you might find the story interesting with a bit of humor. I am his daughter, Karen, with my twin sister, Sharon, we are the youngest of his seven children. The photos of the headstone being placed are with my oldest brother, Jim Jr., his wife and a family friend. We have a tradition of making those headstones out of red rock in the Schuerman Red Rock Pioneer Cemetery in Sedona. Please enjoy the story! If you have comments or questions, you can email me at kswan47252<at>aol.com and put "IraqWarHeroes" in the subject."  Click on name below.

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