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Andrew S Sigmund

(Sigmon on some of the mil papers.)

Portland, Oregon

June 3, 2015

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
88 Army Pvt

42nd Constabulary Squadron - Infantry

 Enlisted in the regular Army May 23, 1945 to February 10, 1947 with Honorable Discharge.
Re-Enlisted in the Army on April 13 1948 - or September 11, 1948
World War II Victory Medal\
Army of Ocupation Medal
Highest Grade Held: Pfc

I've known Andy since 1998, over 16 years. He was a grouchy guy but a nice guy. If I didn't hear him yelling on the phone or playing music, I'd give him a call and check up on him. Andy used to grow lots of vegetables and every now and then I would find a bag of tomatoes or cucumbers etc. tied to my door knob. We looked out for each other. I would warn him of suspicious people around and also call him when I see people I didn't recognize in his house or back yard 

A lot of people took advantage of him and when his wife died, it just got worse. The military screwed him a lot also, seems like no one could get the dates or his name right and in the last year of his life, they kept treating him for back pain when all along he was dying of cancer. After getting him into a car and he was transported to Providence, it was already too late, it was stage 4.  The last time I spoke to him was couple hours before he passed on June 3, 2015.

Andy had a non-family funeral even though he still had some, but they didn't care. Some people only care about you if you have something they want.

For some memorial service snapshots, Click photo below:

June 30, 2015

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