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Emery M Mittuch

Newark, New Jersey

August 15, 1944

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
28 Army 2nd Lt


Born March 29, 1916 - KIA August 15, 1944

2nd Lt.Emery Martin Mittuch was a B-17 Navigator.He got killed during take-off of the plane.The pilot who was not knowledgable of his instruments took of but did not get enough air speed and when he did that it went up in the air just a bit,and on the other side of the runway crashed on impact.His plane was taking off from:Leece Airdome Aiport in Bari,Italy The accident occurred on:August 15,1944 2nd Lt.James E.McBride was its pilot.The plane that emblodded was a:B-24J And it was carrying 40 100lbs 3.b. BombsThe plane exploded 100 yards North of the end of the runway.It also says in the reports that I got from the Freedom of Information Act,The higher HQ gave orders to take-off despite the weather conditions. All were killed.


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