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Robert H Hanson

Hibbing, Minnesota

August 21,1942

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
20 Army Pvt

Ordnance Department
24th Pursuit Group
693rd Ordnance Company Aviation
V Interceptor Command

 POW, World War II, Japan - Died as a Prisoner of War in Japan. - He was born October 24, 1922.


"The local newspaper would put out the missing and deceased .Robert is missing here. My mom said Grandmother didn't talk for a whole year, my mom was 16 at that time."

Newspaper article inviting the community to Robert's service. His remains we're shipped to Hibbing Minnesota 7 years later for reburial. His parents were still living and could be there.


At 13. His church put him in their Diamond Jubilee as they honored him for walking 5 miles through 40 below weather in a blizzard to reach Sunday School.

...who would know, 7 Years later he would be marching in the 63 mile Baatan Death March and survived that, only to die as a POW.....

Grandmother buying Uncle Robert a plot for reburial for 10.00. 

This is all the documents I have on Uncle Robert. My mom and the Hanson family did not speak of Robert....To heart breaking ....

I went looking for him to find him in 2012, It was my mission and tell our family of the Hero who was never mentioned because of the the deep sorrow in the Hanson Family.

My sister Karen is named Roberta after him....I serve Veterans because I feel as if somehow I am with my Uncle Robert, particularly the World War II generation, through other Hero's Uncle Robert lives on in them.


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