Honor Flight Eastern & Portland, Oregon

Part 09 - Ice Cream Time - 05/15/15


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051515_x0115 051515_x0117 051515_x0120 051515_x0122 051515_x0124
051515_x0125 051515_x0131 051515_x0132 051515_x0133 051515_x0139
051515_x0140 051515_x0141 051515_x0142 051515_x0143 051515_x0144
051515_x0145 051515_x0146 051515_x0154 051515_x0155 051515_x0156
051515_x0158 051515_x0159 051515_x0160 051515_x0161 051515_x0162
051515_x0163 051515_x0165 051515_x0167 051515_x0170 051515_x0173
051515_x0178 051515_x0181 051515_x0183 051515_x0184 051515_x0185
051515_x0187 051515_x0188 051515_x0189 051515_x0190 051515_x0191
051515_x0192 051515_x0194 051515_x0195 051515_x0196 051515_x0197
051515_x0199 051515_x0201 051515_x0203 051515_x0204 051515_x0206
051515_x0207 051515_x0208 051515_x0209 051515_x0211 051515_x0212
051515_x0213 051515_x0216 051515_x0217 051515_x0218 051515_x0219
051515_x0220 051515_x0221 051515_x0222 051515_x0223 051515_x0224
051515_x0225 051515_x0226 051515_x0227 051515_x0228 051515_x0229
051515_x0230 051515_x0231 051515_x0233 051515_x0235 051515_x0236
051515_x0238 051515_x0240 051515_x0244 051515_x0246 051515_x0251
051515_x0253 051515_x0255 051515_x0257 051515_x0258 051515_x0262
051515_x0263 051515_x0264 051515_x0266 051515_x0267 051515_x0268
051515_x0271 051515_x0272      


Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away


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