Christopher Kilcullen

Eugene, Oregon

April 22, 2011

Police Officer, Eugene, Oregon


Killed in the line of duty on Friday, April 22, 2011

They Came To Honor Our Hero, click pic below:

April 29, 2011 Part 1 of 3

They Came To Honor Our Hero, click pic below:

April 29, 2011 Part 2 of 3

They Came To Honor Our Hero, click pic below:

April 29, 2011 Part 3 of 3

From The City of Eugene website (link)04/29/11:

Officer Christopher Kilcullen

The Eugene Police Dept. hired Chris Kilcullen as a police officer in March 1998. During his 12-year career with EPD, Officer Kilcullen received more than 85 commendations. Those commendations repeatedly cited Officer Kilcullen’s exemplary professional demeanor and positive interactions with the public he served, even in the most stressful circumstances.

Chris Kilcullen was appointed to the EPD Rapid Deployment Unit in 2003 and earned an Advanced Certificate as a Certified Police Officer in 2004. In May 2004 and again in June 2008, he was awarded EPD Employee of the month for having the highest activity level of any EPD patrol officer, based on the number of investigations, arrests, traffic citations and field interviews officers complete. 

Officer Kilcullen served in the Special Operations, Traffic Enforcement Unit since 2005. He was a long time member of the EPD Negotiation Team from 2002 to 2011 and in 2008, he joined the Crisis Intervention Team and is credited with saving many lives as a member of that team.

Officer Kilcullen had a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and psychology. Before joining the EPD, he worked in youth social services, was a radio disc jockey, and worked as a recreation activity leader.

On April 26, the Eugene City Council passed this resolution honoring Officer Kilcullen, his service and his sacrifice. 

From FOX 12 KPTV Oregon 04/829/11:

Mourners Gather To Remember Eugene Officer
Officer Chris Kilcullen Fatally Shot Last Week

POSTED: 3:01 pm PDT April 29, 2011
UPDATED: 11:33 pm PDT April 29, 2011

EUGENE, Ore. -- More than 5,500 community members and police officers gathered in the University of Oregon's basketball arena Friday to mourn a Eugene police officer who was gunned down during a traffic stop one week ago.

Law enforcement officers from 92 agencies -- including 11 from out of state -- held a procession through Eugene and Springfield to honor the life of 43-year-old Chris Kilcullen.

“Chris may have been among the most confident, honest, selfless and good-humored men I have known,” said Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns. “He would touch the heart of everyone around him and make them feel like the most important and respected person alive."

Colleagues said the motorcycle officer was loved by even those he ticketed. They described how he treated everyone he encountered with love and respect.

His fellow officers credit him with saving lives as a member of the Crisis Negotiation Team -- a role he gave up so he could spend more time with his family.

In his 12-year career, Kilcullen was formally commended more than 85 times.

“Chris was everyone’s favorite cop, universally loved and respected by all of those who knew him,” said Debra Vogt, of Lane County Circuit Court, who described Kilcullen's dedication to his job, community and family.

"We're going to miss Chris tremendously," said his father, John Kilcullen. "I'm heartbroken and angered by the fact that Katie and Sidney will not get to know the father they had. That Kristie will not get to spend the rest of her life with her soul mate and that dreams and plans will go unfulfilled."

His family urged the community to respect and appreciate law enforcement officers and the dangers they face every day.

"If you want to honor Chris, make people happy. Do the right thing when it isn't easy," said Lance McDonald, a family friend speaking on behalf of Kilcullen's widow.

He is the first Eugene police officer killed in the line of duty since 1934.

Cheryl D. Kidd, a 57-year-old Springfield woman, has been charged with aggravated murder in the officer's death. Authorities say she opened fire on Kilcullen after a short pursuit, fatally striking the motorcycle officer in his side torso just above his protective vest. She then led other officers on a chase that ended peacefully on a remote road, police say.

Kidd's attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A witness told police that Kilcullen began following the shooter when her Buick Skylark tailgated the officer and nearly collided with him during a sudden lane change, the Register-Guard reported.

The service marked the second time this year that police in Oregon are parading to remember a slain colleague. A similar procession was held for Rainier Police Chief Ralph Painter, who was fatally shot in January after responding to a disturbance at a car audio shop. That same month, Lincoln City officer Steven Dodds survived after being shot during a traffic stop.

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