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CWO2 Wilson B Owens

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

160th Aviation








From Gigi 04/21/09:

Wilson B.(Black) Owens aka Sonny Owens was a man that was well loved by many in San Diego. I loved him with all my heart and still remember him every day. Before he was in the Army, he was in the Navy attached to HS8. He got a lateral transfer from the Navy to the Army. The last time I saw him was only for 2 hours because he had to go. Nobody knew he was even in town. When I got the call from my sister that he was gone, I almost died myself. He worked with my sisters husband during his time in HS8. He was a hero. A true Red White and Blue Hero. He will always be remembered by myself and many others in Southern California.
I still love him.


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