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Richard Kenneth Forney Sr


June ?, 2009

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
78 Army  



From Lisa Forney 05/15/09:


My father-in-law is a Korean War Hero! His name is Richard Kenneth Forney Sr. He never talked to his family while my husband was young about the war. It was just to painful. He tells us now, because of son is a marine heading to Afghanistan next month. Ken is what we call him since he is Sr. He said the pastor came to him during the war. The sounds of mortar rounds came in his ear, an all to familure sound. Ken threw the pastor in the ditch, pushed him down and laid on top of him, saving the pastor's life! ken was never honored for his heroism! The pastor and God knew, but no one else knew. ken tells of the time when all the trucks in the company went out leaving him behind to man the communications. One hundred forty-four men left. One jeep came back! Only eight were left in the company! We are sure he has many more stories, like when they thought he was killed. The guy running the machine gun was killed instead of him. Ken set up the gun and just started firing away at the shots being hurled at him. It is about time Ken Forney was honored for his bravery! Ken is 78 years old now, married for 50 years, has 3 children, 3 grandchildren, & 1 great granddaughter. He still runs his print shop, and is active in church! We don't know much about his military life so you will have to contact him. He served in the Army!

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