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Pvt Kenneth D Scott

Princeton, West Virginia

5th Infantry Division








From Spc Joel Town 06/02/06:

I was a Medic with HHC 4/6 and flew down from Ft. Polk with Ken Scott. We talked most of the flight between the group and I came to like this young man in a very short period of time (12 hours) He was excited to serve his country and very proud to be going to Panama. I was at Camp Gator with him. He will be forever missed and remembered by his brothers-in-arms. Spc Joel Town Combat Medic

  From 1st Sgt Larry Richardson 07/22/06

I was the First Sergeant of A Company 4th Bn 6th Infantry (Mech) 5th Infantry Division during Operation Just Cause. I remember Pfc Kenneth Scott, he was assigned to my company only a few weeks before the operation began. I recall talking with him and other newly assigned personnel.(New Comers Briefing)

I often made my rounds through the platoons visiting with the soldiers assigned. I remember him as a goodlooking young man and a soldier assigned to the 2nd platoon. I did not get to know him as well as some of the other men for the simple fact that he was not with us long. However I can remember the radio call that came to inform the company HQs of our loss. A company had 1KIA and 3 WIA that early morning. The company was attached to C company 5th Bn 87th Infantry responsible for various missions and providing the light guys with some heavy firepower. Pfc Scott was killed while conducting a road block at an intersection in the Hollywood section of Panama City.

It's almost 17 years ago and I can't remember all the details, but I do remember PFC Scott and always will.

Larry M. Richardson

  From William Curtis 10/10/10:

I was one of four marine LAVs attached to an army unit in Panama City during Operation Just Cause. On the first night (early morning) of Dec 20th my vehicle came up to an intersection where I remember an M113 across the street from me, and a soldier manning a barbed wire string across the road. Best I can remember with the help of google maps, it was where Avenida de los Martires curves into Jose F de la Ossa. At some point we received what sounded like heavy AK47 fire from the buildings ( I think ). I swung and machine gunned that whole building on the side of the road, and another M113 (or maybe sheridan) opened up with me too. Afterward, I saw that the soldier manning the wire was down in the gutter bleeding heavily, and it looked like the M113 track gunner fell down in his track. Those two soldiers I saw might have been either Pvt. Scott, or Cpl. Perez (or both?). At the time, it looked to me like both of the soldiers I saw were probably killed. I wonder if they were two of the soldiers mentioned in your website.

William Curtis
D Co., 2nd LAI Battalion, 2nd MARDIV


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