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Pfc James W Markwell

Cincinnati, Ohio

1/75th Ranger








From Jim Sicard 06/29/06

My name is James Sicard, I was a part of the invasion of Panama. I was with 3rd Plt Co C 1st Bn 75th Ranger Regt. I remember Markwell, James W, he was a medic newly arrived to the unit. The only reason I remember him is that he came up to my platoon floor to talk to our medic for some guidance on what to pack for the mission. That was the last time I saw him alive. I heard of his death the day after the invasion. Itís hard to lose anyone to war but it was a little harder for me because I saw him alive just a day or two before. James will never be forgotten.

On another note, I was sent home after we returned from Panama on leave because I was slatted to attend Ranger School. While I was home I heard that a local boy who served in the invasion had gotten killed, his name was Perez, Ivan M. I read reports in the local paper about him. I felt compelled to get in contact with the family and the only reason I can think of for doing this is because I was there and I could give some comfort to the family in some crazy way. So I call the paper and got the address and made arrangements to meet the family. They were a Spanish family and spoke very little English except one of the daughters, so I had to go thru her for everything. I was one of the hardest things that I ever did. The emotions were running crazy in my mind, I was sad, angry and just full of mixed emotions. I tried to bring a good light on the whole thing. I told them there son didnít die for nothing and I just had to come and speak with them to put there emotions at ease. Tears were shed on both sides, it felt good to share with them my experience and theirs with myself. Being single and 20 years old at the time I really didnít grasp the whole idea of death. Now Iím 37 yrs old and married with 4 kids. I really now know what both the Markwell and Perez families went thru as parents. I couldnít imagine the loss of a loved one but I can understand the pain and heartache. God bless them all.

Just to close the message, I was just surfing the net about the invasion and I came across this link. I donít know why I telling this story now. I havenít told but a hand full of people this story. But I it feels good to talk about it.

Good bye

  From Jane Hassan 11/09/07:

I remember James W. Markwell (Cincinnati, Ohio) from college ... we attended Findlay College (now The University of Findlay) in the late 1980's. James was a good friend, and I still think of him now and again. We had some good times, and I'll never forget him hanging out in the girls' dorms a little more than he should've!! Thanks for the memories, James! You won't be forgotten.


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